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  • Oct. 2014
    Completed development of DOE Lens for Bar Codes and Start Production
  • Sep. 2014
    Completed development of Micro Lens Array(MLA) for Medical Devices and Start Production


  • Nov. 2012
    Distributor Business Donaldson Filter & Cabinet / SAES Getters CDA Purifier Sys.
  • Aug. 2012
    AUS Semiconductor Co., Ltd M&A
  • April. 2012
    Selected as exemplary taxpayer (Internal Revenue Service, the Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
  • Mar. 2012
    SEMITECH Co., Ltd. the 20th anniversary of the foundation


  • Dec. 2011
    Award "Bronze Order of Industrial Service Merit" and "5000 Million Dollar Export Tower"( The Korea International Trade Association )
    Award grand prize "14th Seongnam CCI" for the great contribution from the export
  • Nov. 2011
    Award 2011's small or medium size company in Seongnam-si
  • Sep. 2011
    Begin Ion Implanter Foundry Business Start Medium & High Current Process
  • May. 2011
    Founded SEMITECH's volunteer group "Blue Miracle"


  • Apr. 2010
    Ochang Factory Building 3 Established(Warehouse)
  • Sep. 2009
    Contract AMAT Refurbishment Business
  • Jan. 2009
    Registration of ISO9001:2008 (ICR) : ~2012
  • Mar. 2008
    Obtained the approval of the research institute (Korea Industrial Technology Association)
  • Nov. 2007
    Acquired the patent for a forged ID card discriminator, ID-Checker
  • Aug. 2007
    Completely founded Ochang Factory 2 (in Giheung Place of Business)
  • Jul. 2007
    Newly issued convertible redemption preferred stocks (54,546 shares; \3,000,030,000)
  • Jun. 2007
    Be certified as an excellent company by KIBO (A+ company members)
  • Feb. 2007
    Be certified as a venture company (KIBO)
  • Jul. 2006
    Took over the ceramic processing (bearings and others) business and developed it
    Be certified as "Inno-Biz (Small and Medium Business Administration)
    Developed a forged ID card discriminator, ID-Checker, first in Korea
    Acquired the certificate of ISO9001:2000 (Integrated corporation, Certified by HSB-RS, USA)


  • Oct. 2005
    Merged SEMITECH and Prime Engineering, and expanded the clean room
  • Jun. 2005
    Completely founded Ochang Factory 1(in Ochang Science Complex)
  • Jan. 2004
    Acquired KS A9001:2001 ISO 9001: 2001 (Prime Engineering)
  • Mar. 2002
    Composed System Refurbish Organization
  • Oct. 2001
    Developed and repaired E-5000(Sputter) Txz,HTHU,B101 Heater
  • Jun. 2001
    Developed and repaired P-5000(Nit) P,C Chuck


  • Oct. 2000
    Developed APT-5800 Vacuum Bellows Kit
  • Aug. 2000
    Developed E-5500 (Sputter) Bellows Heater
  • Nov. 1999
    Localized P-5000(CVD) Susceptor
  • Oct. 1998
    Founded SEMITECH Co., Ltd. (CEO: Han, Seong-Ju)
  • Mar. 1992
    Founded Prime Engineering Co., Ltd. (CEO: Lee, Jeong-Yong)
    Thermocouples, Sensors, Instruments,Sales & inspection/revision service

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